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Triton Electric Showers

The Triton series of tank fed pumped electric showers are one of the most popular in the Dublin area and with plumber's in Ireland and the UK, the triton t90i or the newer triton t90si are well built and reliable, although both are now surpassed by Tritons latest offering the Triton t90z. This is the replacement for the t90i and t90si or t90xr. Offering ease of operation and such extras as adjustable shower heads, they are good value for money and give years of hassle free showering.

Replacement Special: Triton T90SR supplied and fitted for €350. This will replace the triton t90i,triton t90si and triton t90xr or T90Z.

Replacement Special: Triton Rally supplied and fitted for €300, the Triton Rally will replace existing t80,t80i,t80si, electric showers.

Repair vs Replacement
If you have got 5+ years of hassle free showering out of your existing Triton T90 and the heating element or pump needs replacing, it makes more sense to buy a new shower with a 12 month guarantee(prices range from €220 to €280 for a new unit) rather than spend €150+ on replacing one part when another part could fail soon after. Due to competition in the electric shower market, new units are not as expensive as when they first came on the market.

For Fast electric Shower Replacement:

1.Go to the location of your shower.

2.Call me on 085-7734211 and I will ask you to read the make and model of your shower from the front of the unit.

3.Now you know what shower to purchase, go ahead and buy your new shower (available in B&Q,Woodies,Atlantic, Etc).

4.Call or text me to let me know you have your new shower and I will come and remove the old shower and fit the new unit on the same or next day at a cost of 100-140 euro. I can also supply and fit the shower at a cost of 350 euro.

I also supply and fit Triton t80z mains fed electric showers to replace existing Triton t80i, Triton t80si or triton t80xr electric showers.
Triton Rally electric shower from €280
Triton t40i booster pump: 240 euro! Supplied and fitted.
Ph. 085-7734211 for shower replacement service in Dublin by a qualified Plumber.


Buy a new Triton t90z 8.5kw and fitting.


This price is for the replacement of a Triton t90, t90i, t90si, t90xr or t90z. NOT the t80, t100 or any other model by Triton.