Toilets & Cisterns

Whether you have a toilet that always seems to back-up or a cistern that takes forever to fill, or perhaps you see water constantly running down the inside of the bowl ,staining your sanitary ware , toilets need the attention of a plumber when these or other issues are afoot. Toilet wont flush? Blocked toilet? Easily resolved by
If you are suffering a problematic toilet, eg. toilet wont flush, blocked toilet, cistern overflowing, ballcock not working etc. that only a plumber can fix ,then call me on 085-7734211 to solve this problem once and for all. In most cases toilet repairs take about an hour to fix. We can source parts for most common toilets in the Dublin area.

Parts for some button-flush toilets are easy to get, sadly, due to the building boom a lot of 'grey imports' are in Dublin houses and apartments. In many cases there are no identifying marks on the products and it can take a lot of searching to find the manufacturer and acquire replacement parts. A lot of the flush valves and filling valves can be sourced from the Uk, but I have had to track a manufacturer to Germany and another to China. If you are enquiring about a part please add pictures of the parts concerned and any identifying marks. In some cases the postage costs more than the part however its much cheaper and much less hassle than replacing the whole toilet and cistern.

How toilets work-The Ballcock and Syphon

There are two main operating parts inside the cistern which allow the toilet to flush. These are the 'Syphon' and the 'Ballcock'.

The Ballcock

"My cistern doesn't fill". The ballcock or filling valve, also referred to as the ball valve or float valve allows the water into the cistern and controls how high the water fills inside the cistern body. A defective filling valve will either allow no water in at all, or too much water which results in overflowing. Another problem can be a restriction in flow resulting in a slow to fill cistern, this is sometimes easily resolved by a plumber with cleaning or a small part known as a flow restrictor swapped for one that allows higher flow. The newer 'Torbeck' valves which are in most button or dual flush cisterns are best replaced with another Torbeck valve or a 'Fluidmaster' filling valve as they are not "repair" friendly like their older counterparts.

The Syphon

"My toilet wont flush". The other major part that allows for toilet operation is the 'Syphon'. This device makes it possible for the water to leave the cistern and flow into the bowl. Usually made of plastic these days , they are a simple device that 'pulls' the water out of the cistern using nothing but the initial energy created from the pulling of the handle. They are mostly an all in one unit and when you have to press the handle loads of times to get the toilet to flush , its time for a new syphon to be fitted. They are an inexpensive part for most standard cisterns. Button flush cisterns have a different type of flush valve.
For toilet and cistern repairs in Dublin phone 085-7734211.

Low Level or Close couple?

The below picture should make it clear whether you have a close coupled toilet and cistern or a low level toilet and cistern.

Close coupled and Low level cisterns and bowls

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