Tap repairs and replacements

Got a tap that constantly drips? This could be wasting a lot more water than you think, Water Conservation is important. Whether its on your kitchen sink , a bathroom basin , or your bath this needs attention from a plumber. Do you have your own "special" technique for turning on/off a particular tap in your home? Water leaks from the tap body ? Have this seen to and solved by calling 085-7734211.
There are many types of tap on the market these days but some do not perform as well as they look. when buying taps always ask , "Are these for high pressure?" , usually the fancier the taps look the poorer the flow from them as these are made for higher pressure systems. However all is not lost as they perform adequately , but for some people it is a surprise when they see the flow from their newer, fancier taps compared to the old standard taps they previously had, although basic , they deliver the water much better without the addition of expensive pumps by your plumber.

Modern Taps look great and deliver an 'adequate' flow, most of these designs are for use with high pressure systems. So either a mains pressurised system or a pumped system is ideal to make them perform properly. I would not recommend them for low pressure systems however, they are common in Dublin households now and if you are willing to have a lesser flow for the sake of design, then there is no major reason not to fit them.

Tap Repairs and Replacements

"My tap wont turn off!"
In some cases taps break in the 'On' position and in most cases can be repaired. Older design and standard taps are easily fixed with parts off the shelf such as rubber washers, seals, new spindles and heads etc.
Modern taps such as the Monobloc Mixer pictured (right) are not as repair friendly as their older and simpler counterparts. Instead of rubber washers these taps have ceramic discs which open and close to allow water to flow. Once these taps start to drip they can sometimes be repaired with the correct parts. In a lot of cases the manufacturer does not supply spares to Ireland and therefore they must be replaced. Basin and kitchen taps are straight forward replacements however, bath taps cost more than customers expect due to the access issue while replacing them. In some bathrooms the toilet needs to be removed in order to be able to get in at the connections under the bath.

Sourcing parts

Taps like the standard-mixer(pictured:top-right) are easy to get parts for. A lot of unusual tap designs are now in kitchens in Ireland, finding the correct replacement parts can be very time consuming for the plumber and in some cases near impossible. There are many plumbing fittings that were fitted in homes during the building boom that have no identifying marks at all. Identifying the manufacturer is a good first step however, the Chinese factory that made them may now be closed. In a lot of cases a new set of taps is the only solution.
For tap replacement in Dublin simply phone 085-7734211.