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You can now buy certain services/items in advance such as Ballcocks, Syphons, Electric Showers and Pumps, PLUS the plumber to do the work, all in one easy online payment! Click here to see prices
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Buy a new Syphon and fitting service.

*This price only applies to cisterns with handles, NOT Button type cisterns.

  • My toilet doesn't flush but is this what I need? Click to learn more..
    When you have to press the handle loads of times to get the toilet to flush, its time for a new syphon to be fitted.
    In the below video the handle is connected to the blue plastic arm, which in turn is connected to the metal wire, which in turn is connected to the black plastic plunger. When the handle is pressed the plunger moves up and down. If your cistern is FULL* of water and you see this action and very little or no water comes into the bowl then the syphon is in need of renewing.
Buy a new ballcock and fitting service.

*This price is for Brass Ballcocks only. Such as in your attic water tank or very old cisterns.

Buy a new Triton t90z 8.5kw and fitting service.

*This price is for the replacement of a Triton t90, t90i, t90si, t90xr or t90z. NOT the t80, t100 or any other model by Triton.


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You can now pay in advance for certain items/repairs as you would for other services online and the plumber will call out and fit the parts at a time that's convenient. This is only available for certain items at the moment, such as Ballcocks, Syphons, Electric Showers and soon, Pumps. This service is for new items supplied and fitted. All work is guaranteed for 12 months.

Plumbing reports and surveys.

If you are buying a house and have been asked for a plumbing report by your estate-agent then simply contact and we will issue a report following an inspection of the plumbing and heating system of the house concerned.
*A report involves the visual inspection of the plumbing and heating systems.
*Checking of operation of taps/outlets, showers, immersion, boiler etc are covered in report.
* No testing or opening up of any systems or fittings is undertaken and therefore potentially serious and costly issues maybe imminent but would not be covered in this report.
*Reports cost €75, to be paid on completion.