Pump Repair and Replacement

If you have suffered a total loss of water pressure at your taps/outlets or your flow has been reduced substantially; then your pump is most likely to be at fault, especially if you live in an apartment.

As the apartments in Dublin are mostly self contained they are reliant on an electric booster pump to deliver water to your showers,sinks,toilets,dishwasher and washing machine. When this pump fails your home comes to a stand still. I offer an express pump service to get you back to normal. I supply and fit Stuart Turner (Monsoon) negative head shower booster pumps aswell as Grundfos Watermill negative head shower booster pumps as these are reliable. With agents here in Ireland if there was an issue while under guarantee, it will be resolved quickly as opposed to "grey imports" which are not worth the few euros saved on initial purchase.

Most pump breakdowns are caused by wear and tear. Modern pumps have run-dry protection, which means if the water supply is cut, the pump will automatically shut down until reset. Pumps without this protection are prone to damage if the water supply is cut. If your pump has a burning smell and is overheating, it should be shut down immediately and a plumber contacted to remedy the situation.

Pump Manufacturers and popular models:

Stuart Turner
Monsoon M330n(Stuart Turner)
ST55(Stuart Turner)
ST66(Stuart Turner)

For Fast Apartment Pump Replacement:

1.Go to the location of your pump,usually the hot press.

2.Call me on 085-7734211 and i will ask you to read the badge and describe the pump so as to let you know what to purchase.

3.Now you know what pump to purchase, go ahead and buy your new pump,usually costing between 300 and 650 euro, depending on the system in use.

4.Call or text me to let me know you have your new pump and i will come and remove the old pump and fit the new pump on the same or next day at a cost of between 90 and 140 euro.

If you need a plumber in Dublin then simply contact Dublinplumber.ie, Call Paul on 085-7734211
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