Supply Lines

Under your floors and between your walls runs a complex system of pipe work, sometimes installed well by a qualified plumber, but in a lot of Dublin homes they are installed badly. These pipes are the supply lines to your shower, sinks, bath, central heating and any other appliances you have such as dishwashers and washing machines. There are also a myriad of pipes that take away the waste water. These pipes can be made from copper, plastic, cast iron , galvanised steel or in older houses lead, aswell as asbestos (rare). If you have lead pipe work , you should get this replaced by a plumber as it is not doing your health and the health of anyone drinking from it any good. Modern plastic pipe used by many plumbers nowadays such as Qual-Pex is made from crosslinked poly-ethylene and is very reliable, a cheaper and easier to work with alternative to copper. Qual-Pex or any other plastic pipe should never be connected directly to a heat source such as the top of a hot water cylinder, nor should it be connected directly to the flow or return of a gas or oil boiler , a minimum of 1 metre of copper should be fitted by your plumber to any heat source, as a good rule of thumb.

Pipe repairs

Plastic pipework such as qual-pex should never be used to supply gas in any circumstance.
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