Gainsborough Showers

gainsborough-logoGainsborough showers are a cheaper alternative to the triton and mira but are never the less as reliable. Although not as popular as their competitors they are gaining a foothold in Irish homes. Offering the usual features you would expect from a decent electric shower such as phased shut-down and multi function heads etc. Although i can not find any information on the agents for Gainsborough here in Ireland.

Redring Showers

Redring-logo Redring showers are from a company that make an assortment of water heating products such as boilers. On sale in B&Q and other DIY stores, here at DublinPlumber we have little experience of them.They dont seem to have agents here in Ireland.(please email me if you know who they are).
*The above is for informational purposes only, we do not supply parts for these showers.

Repair vs Replacement
If you have got 5+ years of hassle free showering out of your existing Gainsborough or Redring electric shower and the heating element or pump needs replacing, it makes more sense to buy a new shower with a 12 month guarantee(prices range from €220 to €280 for a new unit) rather than spend €150+ on replacing one part when another part could fail soon after. Due to competition in the electric shower market new units are not as expensive as when they first came on the market.

I also supply and fit Mira Sport and Mira Jump mains fed electric showers to replace existing Gainsborough or Redring electric showers.