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Water Conservation Message

blessington reservoir
Blessington Reservoir
Urgent Water Conservation Message South Dublin County Council is calling on the public, businesses, schools and everybody in the community to conserve water. This is as a result of water levels in reservoirs reaching a critically low level.
In order to assist South Dublin County Council to continue meeting the current high levels of water demand we would ask people to conserve water and take the following measures:
1.Do not leave taps running
2.Do not store water
3.Only flush the toilet when required to dispose of solid organic body waste
4.Report location of water leaks or pipe bursts to 01-4574907
5.Only use water when necessary

South Dublin County Council will be reducing pressures throughout the system in order to conserve supplies. Water conservation is essential. Water supply could be restored relatively quickly if the demand was reduced.
Please Conserve water by:
- Do not leave taps running in your house while carrying out normal tasks.
- Check for leaks and repair dripping taps, cistern or pipes. If a leak is seen in a public place, report it to the Council.
- Only run dishwashers and washing machines when full.
- Use a basin when washing fruit and vegetables. - Reduce time in shower and try to avoid having a bath.
- Fill the kettle with enough water for your needs.
For leaking pipe repairs and replacements in Dublin by a qualified plumber simply ph. 085-7734211.

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If you need an emergency plumber in Dublin simply phone 085-7734211.

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