24 Hour Emergency Plumber Dublin

24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Service

If you have a plumbing emergency in the Dubllin area and need a 24 hour emergency Plumber ASAP then you've come to the right place. Whether its a slow drip or a major leak, just call me on 085-7734211 for a straight yes or no answer as to whether I can get to you immediately. I can reach most Dublin homes within 15-45 mins depending on location.
24 Hours A Day. Leaks, Bursts, Failures, Etc.

An emergency plumber can save money in the long run, by stopping the leak and reducing damage to floors,walls,possessions,etc

Most plumbing emergencies in Dublin involve burst or leaking pipes caused by wear-and-tear or DIY gone wrong. Dublinplumber.ie can stop the leak which saves your home from further damage and in many cases allows the householder to go to bed knowing that water is not leaking in their home. I am available for all 24 hour callouts in emergency situations where it simply cannot wait until the next day due to the rate of water leaking or its position relative to electrical connections/cables/lights.

Typical emergency plumbing callouts involve:

Leaks and burst pipes
Leaking radiators
Leaking hot water cylinder
Leaking boiler
Screw/Nail through pipe
Heating not working
Toilet overflowing
Cistern running constantly
Shower wont turn off
Tap wont turn off
Water coming from ceiling
Water coming from floor
Water coming from under bath
Blocked toilet
Pump wont turn off
No water from taps
Water coming from attic
Frozen pipes/bursts